Knights of Columbus Council 5636




22th March Stations of the Cross Begins at at 6 pm

24th March - Palm Sunday, Mass Begins at 8:30

28th March - Holy Thursday Mass begins at 7:00pm

29th March - Good Friday, Stations of the Cross starts 7:00pm
                      Way of the Cross at 12 pm
                      Mary's Way of the Cross 3 pm

30th March - Easter Vigil begins at 7:30pm

31st March - Easter Sunday begins at 8:30am


6 Apr (9 – 11 am) (Collection Box available at St John’s – Ozark)

7 Apr - Before and after 8:30 am Mass (Collection Box available at St John’s – Ozark)


4 May - 8:30 am - Mass

             9:20 am – Registration and Blessing of the Bikes

Everyone is welcome; Motorcycles, 2 Wheels, 3 Wheel Trikes, Bicycles, Big Wheels, all are Invited

8:30 am

Mass (All are invited to join us)

9:20 am

Registration - Mingle Time, and lineup  (coffee and donuts)

9:35 am

Blessing of the Bikes and Prayer

10:10 am

Route briefing

10:10 am

Kickstands Up  Depart the Parking Lot for ride.



St John Catholic Church                                475 Camilla Ave, P.O. Box 1008              Ozark, Al 36360



Saint Martin of Tours                                   725 Elba Highway                                      Troy, AL 36079



Saint John the Evangelist                                123 Heath Street                                            Enterprise, Al 36330



KofC Council 5636                                           827 N Daleville Ave                                            Daleville, Al 36362



Saint Columba                                            2700 West Main Street                                   Dothan, Al 36301





Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing) Catholics in union with the Holy See.

Join us.....

3rd Degree Meetings-2nd Monday and 4th Sunday of each Month: 7-8 pm

Rosary-Every weekday during the month of October and May,

at the Knights Hall in Daleville, AL:

5:30-6:30 pm

Knights of Columbus Hall - 827 N. Daleville Avenue, Daleville, AL

For more information contact, SK John Blackburn, Grand Knight, at kofc5636@troycable.net

Visit our webpage by clicking here:     Luke E. Hart Council #5636 (uknight.org)


Upcoming 4th Degree Exemplificatios:

We have four exemplifications scheduled. If you live in these areas, make an effort to attend and bring your candidates, Huntsville is closing soon so stay focused and get the word out to your Councils.
13 Apr Daphne/Mobile.
Please do not let these scheduled exemplifications pass by your assemblies.
Thank you all
Michael E, Weist, FDD, PGK, PFN, FC
Report Forms Director
District Master


The Silver Rose

Dear Brother Knights,

     Thank You for helping and supporting the “Silver Rose” during its travels across the great state of Alabama.

     The Alabama Knights on Bikes tracked the travels of the “Silver Rose” on its home page as it traveled along Route #5, across the Eastern Coast and the Gulf coast of the United States.  The ”Silver Rose” began is travels in February in the state of Virigina and then continued its travels through Tennessee, North  Carolana, South Carolina, George, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas before arriving at it's final destination at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Monterrrey, Mexico. 

      The state of Alabama accepted the “Silver Rose” from the Florida Knights of Columbus, on September 3rd in Milton, Flortda. The “Silver Rose” then traveled across Alabama during the month of September, before transferring to our Brother Knights from Mississippi. The transfer from Alabama Knights of  Columbus to the Mississippi Knights of Columbus was held on Sunday 1  October, at EWTN in Irondale, AL. outside of Birmingham, after the 7AM Mass and was then transported to Meridian, Mississippi to continue its journey.

     The Silver Rose” will tour the state again next year, around September, so if  you wish to host the “The Silver Rose” in 2024, please notify our State “Silver Rose” Chairman to volunteer.

Silver Rose Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                G.V. “Skip” Gentle, Jr., PSD, FDM, FVSM                                                                                                                                              4707 Vintage Lane                                                                                                                                                                       Birmingham, AL 35244 

Phone 205-223-8089                                                                                                                                                              gentle7150@bellsouth.net



09:00 am to 11:00 pm, Saturday 06 Apr 24

Before and After Mass, Sunday, 07 Apr 24 

                                      Drop Off Point:  St John’s Church, Camilia Ave. Ozark, Al                                 



     District 10 of the Alabama Knights of Columbus will host the Pilgram Icon during the month of April 2024. The Icon will visit each of the councils in the   District during the month of April. The Alabama Knights on Bikes have and will  accept and transfer the Icon from Brother Knight Joe McCarty, the Pilgrim Icon Chairman and deliver it to the Pilgram Icon chairman in Council 5636, District #10, where it reside during the 1st week of April, before moving on the  other councils in the District. The Knights of Columbus Council 5636 will have    the honor to serve as host, while the Pilgrim Icon is in District 10.


Welcome Brother!

Are you a Catholic Gentleman, a member of the Knights of Columbus, or interested in becoming a Knight? Do you ride a motorcycle? Are you Interested in joining the Alabama Knights on Bikes?

     Many in the Catholic community are familiar with the Knights of Columbus, but how many know about the organizations within called Knights on Bikes?
     Knights on Bikes is open to any member of the Knights of Columbus, who is in good standing within their council, who owns a motorcycle (of any kind, 2 or 3 wheel) or anticipates owning one within six months.
     Our mission is simple: Evangelization to the Catholic Community and sharing our  love of Christ and the teachings of our “Holy Mother Church”. We just     happen to do it while riding on motorcycles.

     Our motto is clear: “IN GOD WE TRUST AND RIDE”.

     It’s not about us, it’s about sharing our faith and helping others. “We are doing what we love by riding, so, why not do it, and help others at the same time. Plus, you meet some really great people and can be part of a great group that many are looking for.”
     Help us and our beloved order to grow and prosper. We recently provided an escort for the “Silver Rose” icon during its journey in Alabama and look forward to the upcoming visit in September. We are also projecting other KoB-Al rides for charity in the state. One for the victims of abortion and another for our Veterans.

     In May we will celebrate a "Blessing of the Bikes" at the parish.

    New members are always welcome, there is NO FEE to join the Knights On Bikes, the only cost to you, will be a black leather riding vest, for KonB events, as well as the cost of acquiring the required patches. We encourage our  members to wear their vest as much as possible

**PLEASE NOTE**: You will be required to provide valid current Traveling Card and proof of Insurance upon request as part of the application process.​

     For more information about the Knights on Bikes, please contact SK John Blackburn our State President at 334-714-0167 or email at kofcalkob@gmail.com  or john.l.1955@gmail.com. More information can also be found on the Alabama Knights on Bikes web page (https://alkob.net).


  • FLORIDA KoB RALLY: Rally in Panama City Beach, Fl, 26 – 28 April 2024, Address: Hilton Garden Inn, Panama City, FL 32409 Phone: (850) 231-7200.
  • BLESSING OF THE BIKES – 4 MAY 2024: John’s Church in Ozark will celebrate a Blessing of the Bikes in May 2024, follow by a ride in the “Wiregrass”.
  • LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR LAWN PARTY – 20 October 2024: After the “Little Sisters of the Poor” event, the KoB – Al members in attendance will participate in their 2nd Annual group ride to: “Pirates Bar and Grill” in Dauphin Island for a group dinner and fellowship.



Dear Friends

    It is with great pleasure that I’m writing to introduce you to an exciting opportunity to make  a positive impact in our community, while gaining valuable exposure for your esteemed company. We are organizing our 16th Annual Golf Classic, and we would be honored to have  you as a valued sponsor.

     Our Golf Classic and Extravaganzas is an annual event that brings together golf enthusiasts, community members, and businesses for a day of friendly competition and fellowship. The tournament will be held on 13 April 2024 at Fox Ridge Golf Course, located in Ozark, Alabama. Our goal is to raise funds to support local charity, like the emergency assistance for the needy, the Youth Baskets Ball Free Throw, Boy Scouts, Soccer Challenge, Vivian B Adams School for the Disabled Citizens, and the Food Basket program for the local area to name a few.

     We believe that our shared values and dedication to making a difference align perfectly,     and your support as a sponsor would greatly enhance the success of our event.  
We ask that you please donate promotional items to be used as door prizes and that you  register a team or sign up individually to play a round.

     Please see the the Registration Packages page for a full list of our unique sponsorship opportunities and the varying levels of brand exposure and benefits that are included. To      secure your package, please contact a member of our staff for more information on sponsorship. 

     On behalf of the Knights of Columbus Council 5636’s 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. organizing committee, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for considering our sponsorship request. Your support will enable us to make a significant difference in the lives    of those in need.

Warm regards,

John Blackburn, PGK, PFN, FDD
Publicity Chairman
Council 5636


28 Feb 24 – 3rd Degree Meeting


11 Mar 24  - 3rd Degree Meeting

24 Mar 24 – 3rd Degree Meeting

29 Mar 24 – Good Friday Promotion


02 / 08 Apr 24 – Pilgrim Icon Program

08 Apr 4  - 3rd Degree Meeting

13 Apr 24 – 16th Annual Chairty Golf Tournament

19 / 21 Apr 24 – KofC Convention

28 Apr 24 – 3rd Degree Meeting


04 May 24 – Blessing of the Bikes – St John’s Ozark

13 May 24  - 3rd Degree Meeting

18 May 24 – Armed Forces Day

26 May 24 – 3rd Degree Meeting


10 Jun 24  - 3rd Degree Meeting

14 Jun 24 – Flag Day

23 Jun 24 – 3rd Degree Meeting









John Blackburn

  Caleb Williams Jr



Caleb Williams Jr

John Blackburn



Grady White Jr

  Caleb Williams Jr



John Blackburn

Eric Beat



Raymond Garza Jr

Gary Johnson



John Blackburn

Roy D, Templin



Caleb Williams Jr

Ed Miranda



John Blackburn

Peter R. West



John Blackburn

Roy Templin



John Blackburn

Roy Templin



Roy Templin

Pete West



Ray Garza

Ed Miranda


For more information contact, John Blackburn, Grand Knight, at kofc5636@troycable.net

Visit our webpage by clicking here:     Luke E. Hart Council #5636 (uknight.org)


                      Knights On Bikes Comes To Alabama!

           Knights On Bikes is an international organization with over 1500 members and endorsed by KofC. We are now establishing a state chapter with groups in the Archdiocese of Mobile and the Birmingham Diocese and we’re looking for more members!


           We proudly wear the KofC logos on our KoB  vests and consider ourselves another visible arm of the Knights of Columbus focusing on brotherhood, charity, and patriotism in the motorcycle community.

      Do you own or plan to own a motorcycle within 6 months? It can be 2 or 3 wheel.

      If you are interested in joining the KonB, please send an email to John Blackburn, (kofcalkob@gmail.com)


     Outlined below is the monthly schedule for the Seminarian supported by Council 5636. Ethan needs our continuing support and heartfelt thanks as he continues in his journey to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and carry his message of love and salvation for the world.

       I encourage you to send cash, a check, or a note. An occasional greeting card during the year to thank him for choosing the path to priesthood would  also be nice too. A reminder that he is in our thoughts and prayers. Ethan has indicated that he is grateful for any donations and will allow him to purchase needed supplies. 

      Ethan is from Troy where he attends St. Martin of Tours in Troy, his birthday falls on September 19th.His favorite snacks are: Sour Patch kids, popcorn, chocolate, and Apples.

       Anyone who is not on the list and would like to get involved with our Seminarian Support Project can do so by sending their own contribution to Ethan to the mailing addresses below.  He looks forward to and appreciates the support he gets from friends. Also, please let our council know what month you would like to pick to support Ethan. Just send a note to our webmaster at: kofc5636@troycable.net 

 NOTE: More than one person or group can sponsor Ethan for any given month.

 For the greater glory of Jesus and in his name, my thanks to all of you for your willingness to participate in this important undertaking.


His new address there is below.

Ethan Fredrick Green
Saint Joseph Seminary College
P.O. Box 436                                  
St. Benedict, LA  70457

January – St. John – Ozk Ladies Club
February - Nancy & John Blackburn
March – Leslie & Roy Templin
April - Leslie & Roy Templin
May - Nancy & John Blackburn
June – Nita & Grady White Jr
July – Council 5636
August – Knights on Bikes - Alabama

September – Council 5636
October – Sue Hayden
November - Nancy & John Blackburn                                                                                                                                         
December – Assembly 1432