Parish Survey Results

A parish survey was completed in January 2017 and the results shared with the parish at Masses on February 2017 as well as distribution of the following report:


St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Long Range (Strategic) Planning Process

Parish Results on Strengths (S) and Improvements (W)

The enclosed information is a compilations of parish responses as follows:


Parishioners – 26

Parish Ministries/Groups – 6

All areas were mentioned by at least 5 respondents


The committee has saved all responses as they will be helpful in creating the long range plan,  Thank you to all who participated in this information gathering

 Parish Strengths

  • Our Food Pantry serves a need in our community – opportunity to involve entire parish through volunteering or giving; nice to get updates on how many were served.
  • There is a core of volunteers who work hard to make St. John’s the best it can be – hard working people; always there to lend a hand.
  • Our pastor is a strength – Knows everyone by name; tries to be involved in all parish activit

Opportunities for Improvement

  • Create and establish maintenance plans - No daily or long range maintenance plans; RE building not cleaned on a regular basis; fix the stained glass at Church door; repaint wrought iron poles at Hall; no person(s) oversee the maintenance; dog feces regularly removed sidewalk going to the RE building needs attention (uneven); windows and sheetrock in church need repair; parking lot repairs needed.
  • Parish Growth and Welcoming – welcome those attending church activities particularly prior to Mass; use visitor cards for a purpose (welcome and invite); no plan for welcoming new parishioners; lack of parishioner registration procedures/welcoming packet; need to monitor when & why people leave parish
  • .Confessional Area/Schedule - Talking by people entering church limits penitent’s concentration and ability to hear priest; no other published time for confession other than prior to Mass; having only a curtain allows people in church to hear penitent; establish overall silence as one enters church – visit outside.
  • Communications – No formal structure for communication; bulletin should contain information materials for all parishioners (ie. Office hours after Christmas were not listed); unable to contact the priest/deacon directly without leaving a message on answering machine; send copy of the bulletin to the homebound/shut-in/nursing homes; post the minutes of the Parish Council in the bulletin.
  • Finances/Transparency – Parishioners should get a financial report regularly; no financial transparency.
  • Facilities Improvement/Parish Hall, Kitchen, and Bathrooms – Enlarge kitchen; new bathrooms; all buildings handicapped accessible.
  • Relationship between pastor and parish – Same people are always invited to participate; Pastor not discussing proposed changes with committees/parishioners thus hindering buy-in from parish; Pastor not present at community events; parishioners not involve in decision making process; ”worker bees” are feeling overloaded.